Science explique pourquoi vous vivrez plus longtemps si vous prenez du café.

Love you coffee? Now you have a compelling reason to consume it: live longer.
People who drink coffee may live longer. This was the conclusion of numerous studies in recent years. Now a team of researchers of the Institute for Immunity, Transplantation and Infection at Stanford University in California (United States) believes he has discovered one of the mechanisms behind this association.

Experts have revealed the discovery of an inflammatory process that could stimulate the development of cardiovascular disease in adulthood and caffeine (coffee, tea, energy drinks or chocolate, for example) thwarted this inflammatory process; That is to say, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, caffeine increases our lifespan
For their study, the researchers were first determined to identify inflammatory processes that could contribute to poor cardiovascular health in later life by analyzing data from the Stanford-Ellison cohort, including a group of adults healthy aged 20 to 30 years. Age and a group of healthy adults over 60 years. By evaluating blood samples from each participant, they identified two groups of the most active genes in the older group. These genes have been linked to the production of IL-1-beta, a type of protein that produces white blood cells and is produced in large amounts in response to infections or any kind of injury or stress.

The experts reviewed the medical history of each of the older participants. Further research revealed that older participants with high activity group gene were also more likely to have arterial stiffness - a heart attack risk factor for stroke - compared to subjects with low-level group of genes.
In assessing the caffeine intake of participants, the researchers found that the blood in the elderly with low activity in these groups of genes were more likely to contain metabolites of caffeine.

Incubating immune cells with caffeine metabolites and nucleic acid metabolites, they discovered that metabolites of caffeine prevented the inflammatory effects of nucleic acid metabolites.

"That something that many people drink - and you really enjoy drinking - could have a direct benefit surprised us What we have shown is a correlation between caffeine intake and longevity And we showed.. more rigorously in the laboratory tests, a very plausible mechanism to explain why this might be so, "concludes Mark Davis, head of the work.

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