Vérités et mensonges concernant l'utilisation du cannabis.

The National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine has just completed a comprehensive report on the health effects of recreational and therapeutic use of cannabis and its products from a large number of scientific research published since 1999. 

In recent decades, there has been much debate about whether cannabis use increases the risk of developing cancer, mental disorders and other diseases. At the same time, he also created a large current for medical use, allowing legalization for therapeutic purposes in many parts of the planet.
This macro report we are presenting today has extensively reviewed over 10,000 scientific studies in order to achieve nearly 100 conclusions on the use of cannabis. In this article, we describe in you some.
A therapeutic effects
A therapeutic cannabis use is the treatment of chronic pain in adults, and according to the researchers who conducted the report, there is evidence that patients treated with cannabis or cannabinoids were more likely to have a significant reduction pain.

Can cause injury and death
The study notes that the use of cannabis before driving increases the risk of being involved in a car accident. Furthermore, in places where access to this substance is legal, there is a greater risk that children accidentally consume and thus be injured by an overdose.

Not associated with the risk of lung cancer
Much has been made of the potential link between marijuana and cancer, but this study found evidence suggesting that smoking cannabis does not increase the risk of cancer often associated with smoking, such as lung, head and neck. There was also no clear evidence that the use of marijuana by a mother or father during the pregnancy would result in increased cancer risk to the fetus. However, some evidence suggests that smoking cannabis during pregnancy is linked to the birth weight of a child.

Heart Attack, Stroke and Diabetes
The study indicates that further studies are needed to determine whether the use of cannabis may or may not be associated with heart attacks, strokes and diabetes. However, some evidence suggests that smoking cannabis could trigger a heart attack.

May cause respiratory disease
The studies suggest that smoking cannabis on a regular basis would be associated with more frequent episodes of chronic bronchitis and respiratory problems such as chronic cough and phlegm production, but it is likely that cannabis is reduced . It is not clear whether the use is associated with respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma or worsening lung function.

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